Friday, May 5, 2017

A little home improvement

We had this tiny little fluorescent light fixture in our walk in pantry. It wasn't really that big of a deal, although I typically can't stand fluorescent light fixtures, but since it was in the pantry I didn't have to look at it much.

Now out in the kitchen we had two really pretty light fixtures with 4 fancy little bulbs in each one, and I liked the way they looked just fine. But those silly little bulbs seemed to burn out all the time and they're really expensive! I got tired of having to buy new bulbs often, so I asked Bill if he could put up some new lights for us. He did and I sold those pretty little fixtures to someone online. We ended up with one extra light fixture so I got the bright idea for him to go ahead and remove that little fixture in the pantry and replace it as well.

Naturally this left a big unpainted rectangle on my pantry ceiling. I'm not surprised - I mean, I would have just painted around the fixture too. But this now meant that I had to paint my pantry ceiling. So off to the garage I went, to look through my stash of house paint. Sitting right there was a 1/3 of a gallon of teal, the same color that I have in my living room under the chair rail. WHY NOT?

So now I have a teal ceiling in my pantry. It's fun, and you should be jealous that your pantry isn't as fancy as mine is now.

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