Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

This year Kate made me some special gifts for Mother's Day at school. She was so very proud of herself and the things she brought home (which she hid in her bedroom until it was time to give them to me). 
 They made a coaster for us and I got some new artwork that she did for me. I'll have to frame her picture and hang it in my office.  Gifts like that are pretty special and just seeing how proud she was of her accomplishment made them even better!
 After church I got to choose out lunch destination, so we went for steak at Logan's Roadhouse. It had been a while since I had eaten there and it just sounded really, really good. I had a few pieces of shrimp with my sirloin. We took Nana with us as well, since Yiayia and Bill are in Europe right now visiting some friends.
Since Yiayia was going to be gone during Mother's Day this year, we gave her some fun gifts a few days early that we picked out at the Japanese dollar store. It's mostly a long family joke about cheap Japanese gifts, and we got the response we were looking for in giving her silly gifts this year.

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