Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I like to think I'm a gardener

I have a rose garden. It's not much, but I had a small space about 4' x 8' between my fence and my shed that I decided would become my rose garden. It houses 4 large rose bushes and a small blue pot that holds a mini rose bush (that was near death, might I add.). I planted my roses last year, sometime during the summer. I don't recommend planting then - it was really HOT.

I'm not much of a gardener. I will admit to you here and now that I killed a cactus once. I used to have beautiful ivys....these I have since murdered. I tried putting them outside and I guess they were happier indoors because they didn't survive and I couldn't revive them. I have a love-hate relationship with the peace lily in my living room and so far it's winning. I do have a thriving ivy in my kitchen, but I don't think it knows yet that it's alive and should be giving me a hard time.

So roses, I discovered, are easy. I've always thought they were beautiful, but it wasn't until I saw my grandmother's rose garden that I decided I needed one myself.

One of my bushes produces bright fuschia colored blooms, and right now they are in abundance. The color is a little more vibrant than last year. I have a bush that produces sort of peach blooms with pink tips, a pale pink bush, I think a red bush (it hasn't produced many blooms yet) and a yellow bush that was my best looking one last year and the worst this year.

My roses help fuel another hobby-- my photography. Almost daily I go out to check the blooms and take some photos. Last year I had a coffee table book made with my photos from 2006; I think I'll do the same with 2007. I was quite proud of my skills.

I really need to do something with my front flower beds, but so far the weather here has been weird and I haven't felt any hurry to get out and plant. I will do that soon.

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