Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday Monday.....sing along.

I am sad. I don't understand why people do bad things, especially like the events that occured in Virginia today. College is supposed to be a blast; a time of complete fun (and learning) that you live for each day before you jump head first into the real world. It's not supposed to be deadly. I just don't understand.

I find it completely selfish that because someone is having issues in their own life they feel the need to take that out on complete strangers. I don't get the need for power; to make someone feel pure terror. It doesn't make you powerful- it makes you a coward for not being able to take care of your own emotional issues.

Work was poopy today. It wasn't a bad day, it wasn't a great day...but there were moments of complete ickiness and there was definitely a headache for the good portion of the day that would not leave me alone. It was one of those days where a lot of things really annoyed me, at least this afternoon was.

Did I mention that I got solar nails this past week? Let me start this paragraph by saying that I am not a girly-girl. Seriously. But my friend Jenn took me with her to get a manicure, which is completely what I intended to do. One of our co-workers got married this weekend and we wanted to have pretty nails for the event. She got her manicure and I came home with solar nails. In a couple of weeks I'll have to go back and get them filled and Jenn will have long cleaned off her nail polish and be finished with it. But I have to admit, they make my hands look so lovely. And they're clicky!

Poor Nick is not feeling well this evening and in about 30 minutes I have to take him to CareNow. He's getting sick and his throat hurts really bad. Plus he is losing his voice. Not so great for a teacher, you know? I feel bad for him-- he works so hard and is always so tired for not a whole lot. Teachers are paid pitifully for the extremely hard work they do. I bet he worked twice as hard as many CEOs last year, but he definitely didn't pull in those bucks. It's tragic....and they wonder why they have a hard time finding good teachers.

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