Friday, April 20, 2007

I've been chosen!!!!!

Today has been a pretty darn good day!!!

I found out today that I was chosen as a Design Team member at All American Scrapbook Co. So basically I get to make scrapbook pages with stuff that someone sends to me and inspire others to be creative and do the same! I've never been chosen for a Design Team. It feels amazing to know that someone thinks your creativity is a step above and wants you to represent their website. I know there were many people who tried out and I have seen some of those ladies' work - it's awesome! I guess we are all our own worst critic...and this is some major feel-good validation that I can do what I love to do well.

Scrapbooking is my's my favorite past time and if I could just find someone who would pay me what I make now at my job to scrapbook all the time that's what I'd do all day. I have been creating scrapbook pages in some form or another since junior high when I'd carefully cut out letters from magazines to create words and page titles. Every page resembled some sort of ransom letter.

As the hobby has grown, exploded really, there are so many tools and supplies available that it can be overwhelming. Recently I began creating digital scrapbook pages and although I resisted the urge to try it at first I have discovered that I quite like it. I don't look at it as a replacement for my current method of scrapbooking, but another form of creativity that I really enjoy. If I'm going to be sitting at my computer I might as well be doing something other than playing Pop 'n Drop.

Background paper & tag by Sande Krieger/Anchors & button by Jan Crowley/Cream paper by Jen Lessinger/Paisley by Rhonna Farrer/
font: CK Constitution

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