Sunday, April 22, 2007

Tired of the images

I don't want to see anymore pictures of that deranged gunman or hear anymore of his psychotic babblings. The media has forced these images onto my desktop long enough now and I'm through looking at him. It makes me physically ill to see those photos...I can't even imagine why they'd post them.

I'm sad about what happened. This week has been sad all the way through. Virginia Tech, Houston, Blue Angels.....even people in my local congregation suffering losses.

My only prayer is that next week is brighter and happier for our nation.

I know in my personal life it will be brighter. I have a scrapbook retreat next weekend that I am SO looking forward to. I need a break from reality. Nothing is better than getting together with my scrapbook friends at the ranch and losing ourselves in creativity and yummy food for the weekend. No TV, barely any cell phone reception, no stores or neighbors to distract us. It's perfect.

After this week, we all need a little perfection.

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