Monday, April 23, 2007

Let's get personal

Shannon posted a pretty intense (as far as scrapbooking goes) challenge at the All American Scrapbook Co forum this week-- scrappin' from your soul. Basically pick a moment, an event, and scrap it from the emotional aspect, rather than the who-what-when-where. I had the perfect photo from the perfect time for this, so it was pretty simple for me. I was already planning on doing this LO, and the she posted the challenge and it was almost like she knew I had this waiting to do.

My journaling reads: "I think when you are truly content you could stay right there in that moment for a lifetime and never wish for anything more. Here I am, barefoot in the middle of a highway somewhere in Illinois, sharing a sunrise with Shannon & Jen on a crisp July morning, and I don't think I would have been happier anywhere else in the world. This moment was complete peace, a minute shared with God & friends, and my soul was at ease. No worries, so stress, no decisions... just contentment."

This photo is from last summer when I stayed up all night long at a scrapbook retreat, and Jen and Shannon walked down the road a bit with me and we watched the sunrise together. It was quite a morning and we shared a great experience together. Figuring out the emotion to capture with this was pretty easy - I think about that sunrise a lot.

I'm gearing up for a scrapbook retreat this weekend - Yay! I so need to get away and just be with the girls, scrcapbook, and not worry about job hunting or bills or house work. I started packing my things tonight after I finished my page. It's getting close- I'll leave Friday mid-morning after my car is finished at the insurance adjusters. Gotta see how much hail damage I ended up with. Nick's estimate was $2400. Thank the Lord for insurance.

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