Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pedicures ROCK

I got the coolest pedicure today! I love my nail lady - she did a great job. I also chopped off my hair last weekend - it's been a bit of a girly week. I had my nails redone too and bought all new make-up the other day. Geez, I just need to go buy an outfit and some shoes and I will have had a complete Girly Week.

The week goes by really quickly with my new job, which is great. Here it is, almost Friday again. Just a few short hours. This week we've even left the office early 3 out of 4 days so far. That's way cool.

My dachshund is currently chasing a bug across the floor, and I really should go kill it but she's having way too much fun torturing it so I won't yet. My basset hound is chewing on a rawhide, the cat is probably asleep somewhere, and Nick is in the shower after mowing the back yard. It's a normal night at the Tressler's.

I'm currently re-reading all of the Harry Potter series in anticipation for the final book. I began book 4 last night. Nick is also reading, but I let him start before me and he's on book 5. Only 29 more days before the final book is out and we get to find out the fate of Harry and Voldemort. I'm a bit worried about who is going to die. We know there will be 2 - I have a feeling we will not be pleased with one of the characters Jo decides to kill. It's not the way I'd like things to work out, but hey, she did kill Dumbledore, you know.

Nick's father is coming in 2 weeks and they will get to meet face-to-face after 25 years apart! We're super excited!!

Not much else to report really.

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