Monday, August 13, 2007

Being a girl is fun.

After work today I stopped by the nail salon for a fill on my nails and a pedicure. It's something else, sitting in one of those big massage chairs with one lady working on your feet and another working on your hands all while the chair gives you a nice massage. Uber relaxing. I think every girl should get pedicures on a regular basis.

My cat decided to sit still a little while for me today, so she became the subject of my photo-of-the-day. Ordinarily she's got more important things to do than pose for me, so I was quite excited she made an exception today. She usually doesn't speak to me...unless I'm the only one home. Tonks is definitely a Daddy's girl. She will curl up in his lap pretty much every time he sits down. She's not once jumped up in mine. It's kind of depressing and if I had low self-esteem then I might be in real trouble. On the rare occasion she decides to include me, I do feel terribly special.
Tomorrow we have to go to a TSA luncheon. No telling what they will feed us and we'll have to sit and listen to some speakers I'm sure. It will most likely be boring, but it does get us out of the office for a couple of hours so I won't complain too much. Who knows, it might turn out to be interesting after all.


Jen Hoover said...

Wow! aren't *you* the cat's meow ;)

I love that collar, it's really funky -and yes, pedicures I agree :D

Kate said...

What a great picture!! Oh & I recognized you from your new layout - maybe Beautiful page!

{S} said...

WOW!! I want the collar!! LOL!!
Your cat is gorgeous! I've always wanted a gray cat.