Sunday, December 9, 2007

Chilly Sunday

Billy Joel was fantastic! He played for two and a half hours. The concert began with a few songs that weren't big hits of his and honestly I had never even heard of, but people who were die hard fans and had some of his earlier albums really appreciated. As the evening progressed he began playing more of his hits and those were fabulous, as to be expected. Occasionally he would segue into a song with a Christmas carol on the piano, which was kind of fun. The night ended with Piano Man, and I was brought to tears. How amazing is that song?! At one point the band and Billy stopped playing and he let the crowd sing the chorus - it was awesome. What a great night.

My only regret is that I listened to my husband and didn't sneak my camera in. You know, next time a ticket to a concert says "No Camera - No Recording" you should know that all that really means is that instead of 5,000 cameras in the concert, there will only be 2,000. Yours could be one of those if you'll just effectively hide your camera at the bottom of your purse, which the door person doesn't even bother to look through anyway. I would have liked to see just how good my new Kodak Z712IS would have performed from the nosebleed section on the opposite end of the arena from the artist. Now we'll never know. I can gaurantee though that next time, Mr. Kodak will be with me. Sorry honey.

I know some of you are wanting to see photos of my house all lit up and I will be taking some hopefully tomorrow night or maybe Tuesday. I read online that the best time to take photos of outdoor Christmas lights is right at sunset, just after the sun goes down but before it gets completely dark. You still need a little bit of light in the sky but not so much that you can't see the lights. I tried this last night at my Mom's house because I was over there painting yard art at that time of day, and it worked pretty well. I'd give it a shot tonight but it's raining here and also we're going to see The Nutcracker tonight.

I played Guitar Hero 2 the other night for the first time - let me tell you how much fun that is!! I had a blast and promptly called my sweetie to inform him that we needed to buy Guitar Hero. I highly recommend it - it's so hard!! I can see how it would be very addicting though. I will say this though - my very first try ever I managed to complete my song! From what I could gather, that's a pretty big accomplishment for a newbie. Yeah, I rock.


Jen Hoover said...

awww man! :( bummer about the camera, but I am a worry wart and would hate to have my camera confiscated or something stoooopid ;)

can't wait to see the house lights :D I can't wait to get ours UP! it's going to be time to take them down before ours get put UP!

{S} said...

Glad you had such a good time at the concert.
Jake loves Guitar Hero. I can't play it. LOL!!