Thursday, January 3, 2008


I'll post the blog today I meant to post yesterday until I got distracted by my dryer. I mentioned before that my best friend got engaged. I am her matron of honor and I'm super-excited about that. Her fiance Will is in the military (I mentioned him a couple of posts ago, the Navy doc) and he's shipping out for 6 months in May, so they're going to get married in April. That means I have 4 months to look fabulous in a fancy black dress!! OMG!

Sooooooooo, today I'm going to take my happy but to Curves and ceck it out. Ugh. I've never been a gym person...I've never joined anything like this. I'm hoping that I will have enough motivation to not be the "chubby friend" in her wedding pictures. I guess now is as good a time as any, right? New year, new goals, new gym membership. How many people do this in January only to stop my March? Not me I tell you! You know why?? My bloggy friends who bother to read my posts are going to keep my motivated. I expect you to ask me occasionlly aobut my progress, if I've not mentioned it lately. I fully intend to update here, but if I fail to mention it then your task is to harass me about it.

I also forgot to mention last week...I had my 4 month PRK check-up with my eye doc and I'm happy to report that my left eye has 20/20 vision and my right eye is still healing with 20/25! He said the right eye should catch up within a couple of months and I should be good as gold!

I never told you about the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert we went to on Friday! This was out 3rd year in a row to go. This year I decided that I was taking my camera. After the whole Billy Joel show where I didn't take my camera because "photography was not allowed" and there were 400 people with cameras there, I decided I would not be left out this time. I took a plump little black purse with a zipper pocket inside and flipped the pocket inside-out. I then cut the bottom of the pocket open with a box cutter and put my camera inside, so the camera was actually in the lining of the purse. Then for added "protection" from sight I put 3 jumbo super-absorbant tampons in the pocket so if someone did look there all they'd see was feminine products. Most men aren't going to dig through those.

So...I'm all set, right? Well sort of. The Camera Police were out on full force that night. I'm not sure if that was at the request of TSO or if that is an American Airlines Center thing, but at any rate, just popping my camera out and taking photos was not going to be an option. To make matters worse, our seats were directly in front of where one of the ushers stood during the entire show. Because he's such a stickler for the rules, my dear sweet husband would not loan me his jacket to use as cover...he thought I should have just obeyed the rules and not taken my camera at all. *hmmph* Enter Stealth Brandi.

With my purse sitting in my lap the whole show, I had to leave my camera mostly inside but fold down the side of the purse so that the lens was the only thing showing. I had already pre-set my LCD screen to be off as well as my flash. Since it was cold I was wearing a scarf which I laid on top of my camera/purse combo. At that point it was just point and shoot time. I had to aim the camera where I thought it would be pointed at the stage and just take photos all night, hoping that I was at least somewhat close to the stage. I zoomed in some, then out, turn this way, tilt that way....all blindly. I was hoping for at least 5 good pictures. Really, how many could I have expected with that sort of set up?? There was not way to check my aim without drawing attention to the fact that I was taking pictures.

I ended up with a handful of decent shots. I will admit, not all of them are straight, not all of them are even of the people - I did get a few really cool, really clear pictures of the lights...but if you've ever seen the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert you know that the lights are just as much part of the show as the performers themselves. Enjoy my slideshow:


{S} said...

awesome photos!!! you go girl!!
Good luck with your gym membership! I'll be inquiring. Geo set us an appointment with a personal trainer for tomorrow. (sigh) I'd rather make sure we can commit to it at home before paying a trainer.

VexedAngel said...

Cool shots! I would like to go to a TSO concert, but I'm a rules-stickler, too, so probably wouldn't get pics. LOL

I am with you on the weight loss thing. In March, we are going to start trying for a baby, and I would like to reverse my insulin resistance by then... so would love to drop some weight!!! I am visiting a church gym just down the street from me this morning, and going to a free Weight Watchers meeting today. I always despised WW, and said it was my very last resort, I felt I should be able to do it myself. But I've never done it myself, and it's time, so yeah, here I go! I'm actually excited about it, though, which is different for me. :-)

I almost joined Curves, but I'm going to check out the gym. I like gyms, and this one is pretty cheap and no start up fee! But if there are a bunch of restrictions and hidden costs, then I'll be at Curves right next to you!

Well not, but you know what I mean. LOL

TammyB said...

I think your photo's turned out pretty good considering you weren't looking at what you were doing. I really like the one with the green lasers. Loved reading your story about how you managed to get around the camera thing.

Laurie said...

love your pictures!!! I'm going to curves too....since Sept and I've lost 20lbs! and 15" YOU CAN DO IT!!!!