Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Idol sadness

I knew already that several of the folks who auditioned and made it through on American Idol had some industry experience...but I didn't know how widespread it was, not until I read this article.
This makes me sad. Now I'm going to be forced to only vote for the very few who make it through that are actual, real undiscovered talents. I wouldn't care so much if they didn't keep saying the point of the show was to find "undiscovered" talent. They really can't call these people undiscovered. I'd just stop watching, but unfortunately I just don't know how to quit Idol.

On to something a little less depressing, let's discuss how I just don't understand teenagers anymore. Isn't that sad? It's not like I'm old....but for a few years now I've developed this allergy to teenagers...and it's growing. Let me tell you what happened to me yesterday.

I purchased a few things at Michaels and paid cash for my first purchase, debit for the other stuff I bought. Part of the change owed to me was 56 cents. The cashier girl took a long time to hand me this because she was admiring the quarters she was about to give me. They were brand new Utah quarters...shiny and pretty. She handed them over and said in a dreamy/dazed voice,
"Aren't they so pretty? They're so shiny and clean! I have a whole drawer full of them. They must be brand new......or maybe someone took them to a chemistry lab and dipped them in chemicals to clean them up."
I couldn't do anything but force a half-smile while I tried to understand why anyone could be so stupid to even ponder for one second that a person might have taken a drawer full of coins and dipped them in some chemicals at a chemistry lab to make then shiny. Who, above the age of 7, really even thinks that might be possible??

She totaled up the remainder of my purchases and as I was sliding my debit card and still wondering about this chick, she began to sing the theme song to The Brady Bunch. Out loud. Not just the first line. Not just a few words and then start humming. She sang the entire first verse, handed me my receipt and wished me a pleasant evening, and then jumped right in to the second verse. She was still singing as I walked out the door. No, she couldn't sing well, as if that even matters.

It almost made me wonder if I were part of a hidden camera segment or something. Maybe I was supposed to join in and sing with her? I don't know.


Laurie said...

The picture in my head of you at Michaels is priceless!! thanks for that laugh! I too am allergic to teenagers and tweens for that matter!!!

Jen Hoover said...

omg! that is creepy!! LOL :D

it's the story... of a crazy check out chick, she was irritating Brandi with shiny quarters... :P
j/k ;)

{S} said...

oooooh, let's play quarters with her!! ROFLOL!!
I have the same allergy, I'm the mom of three teens. THREE!! OMG! no wonder I'm itchy!

TammyB said...

Bawhahaha!! That is priceless =D

whirligigdaisy said...

The Brady bunch theme song?
I don't know if even I could sing it and I watched that show all the time growing up. Too funny.