Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Enough with the Beatles.

Last night’s American Idol was proof that while the Beatles have some fantastic songs, those songs should not be performed by amateurs 2 weeks in a row. I hope next week isn’t George Harrison or Wings week. (For those of you who don’t know, Wings is the band that Sir Paul was in after The Beatles disbanded.)

I was really disappointed in everyone’s performances. Since we already know that Amanda Overmeyer was voted off b/c I’m writing this a day late, I’ll just simply say that she deserved to go home, mostly because her same old tired act was tired a long time ago. Also, this is the second contestant being backed by that was eliminated. Seems they’re losing their touch.I am a Brooke fan, but I was not so much of one last night. Her song was awkward and her dress was a big bad mistake. First of all, when you are the color of a porcelain doll and you have blonde hair, wearing solid yellow is a BAD idea. Secondly, if your dress looks like a couple of kids in home-ec cut some scalloped edges on 3 garbage sacks and then sewed them together, you shouldn’t wear it even if it’s not yellow. Overall, bad choice. The messy hair was back too.

Michael Johns was all over the place with his song. I think it might have actually been 3 different songs all thrown together. Chikezie was trying to be like Kristy Cook and confused us all with his country/twang/harmonica filled Beatles cover. Kristy Cook showed us again why she’s the worst performer ever and failed to do anything remotely talented, although she did promise some sexual favors so that's probably why she's still there. I'm sure her mother was so proud.

Carly and David Archuletta both sang....whatever. I might stop mentioning them both unless they screw up; that’s the only thing worth talking about with those two. I will note that Carly’s hair made her look about 15 pounds heavier than she did a couple of weeks was not a flattering 'do for television. Perhaps that’s what got her in the bottom 3!! Or maybe it was the fact that American has realized how much they dislike her.

Ramiele should have known better than to sing that song, and I now understand why she always does ballads - girlfriend cannot dance. She looked very awkward on stage. Jason Castro wandered around the stage in a way that made me wonder if he even knew where he was. Is it just me or is he always high? I mean, come on, he said in his video "I just learned that my belle was French....I thought it was English. heh heh heh." I’m just wondering.....

My 2 favorites of the night were David Cook and Syesha. I thought David’s use of the voice box thingy was cool, and if I knew where to pick one of those up I’d use it all the time. He didn't get any love from Simon on it...and I've noticed that he's definitely ful-filling his job of morphing into Daughtry. Slow down dude - you'll never be that cool because you have a comb-over. I’ve not been a huge fan of hers, but I thought Syesha totally won the night. She did a nice version of Yesterday and I was impressed.

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milkcan said...

I agree. It was a big mistake to do Beatles again. I'm looking forward to a change!