Wednesday, April 30, 2008

American Idol Blog - The Great Meltdown

Paula Abdul has got to be the biggest train wreck in reality TV right now. I have never seen someone who is so incoherent be given the spotlight and a microphone on public TV, week after week. Last night's Paula moment was a classic, and it will probably be viewed on Youtube a million times this week.

First and foremost this is a singing competition so let me give you my thoughts on that.
David Cook is my comfirmed favorite to win this competition and if he gets booted out before the end I might just have a temper tantrum. He was awesome as usual last night with his 2 Neil Diamond songs, both of which I can't remember the names because I don't have my cheat sheet with me. They were great; that's all you need to know. Oh, BTW, what does AC stand for? He had that on his guitar last night (the first one) and also on his jacket. Family member's initials? Anyone know?

Jason, poor little Jason. I think he did ok with "Forever in Blue Jeans" but his second song was a poor choice. There are so many fantastic Neil Diamond songs that would have been perfect for him to choose. Like typical Jason, he just sort of shrugged as if to say "Eh, whatever." Love him for that.

Despite the judges dislike and Simon even telling her she's in trouble, I really liked Syesha last night. I don't understand why they keep dogging on her...sure, she's not fabulous, but she's not as bad as they make her out to be. The only thing I can figure is that the producers want her gone next so they made Simon say that hoping that his control over the American people holds another week. Because of Simon's comments, I voted like crazy for her last night. Well, that and because of what Archuletta did.

Why on earth would you take two songs that are SOOOO defining of a performer and sing them BOTH on the same night??? When you mention Neil Diamond and someone asks "Who is that?", what are the two songs that 90% of the people will sing/mention?? "Sweet Caroline" and "America"!! They are in that list of songs that should ONLY be performed by the person who actually made them famous. Archuletta does not have the voice for them - he can only do sappy ballad/love song crap directed at tweeners, so for him to butcher these two iconic songs was awful...painful...bad. Then on top of it all, Randy fell all over himself declaring how great Archuletta was. Seriously?? Do they get paid extra every time they compliment this kid?? I can only hope that America was listening to the singing and not the judges when it comes to this kid.

Brooke managed to butcher "I'm a Believer", which I didn't even think was possible. Such an easy song to sing - all you have to do is pretty much jump around and sort of half sing/half shout that song and it sounds great. Brooke managed to make it so awkward and icky. The key was definitely too low. Her second song was great though so maybe she'll be safe. I think is still voting for her.

Now to Paula...
Last night was a bit confusing and hurried because they crammed 10 songs plus 5 clips-with-Neil into about 45 minutes of programming. Why not just ditch the clips with Neil? Then you don't have to rush things. Anyway, the five each sang their first song, then Ryan brought them all on stage for a quick synopsis of their thoughts from the judges. Randy did his thing, which was pretty pointless as his opinion almost always is, and then Paula started on Jason. She mentioned something about his first song, and then she started talking about the second know, the one he hadn't even performed yet. Randy and Simon let her go on for a few minutes before Randy tried to make her sound less stupid/drunk by saying that she must be talking about his first song, and then she ruined his cover by saying OUTLOUD that she thought he had sung twice. HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! She was so confused and it showed big time last night. They tried to play it off that changing up the way they were doing the show threw her off, but I'm thinking the legal and/or illegal substances had a lot to do with that. I can't wait to see how they try to fix this in the media...because everyone knows she's off her rocker.

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Amber said...

I couldn't stop laughing at Paula...funny stuff. David's "AC" is a tribute to his brother Adam who has brain cancer...the night David cried, Adam was in the audience. He had a whole nursing staff with him apparently because his Dr's advised him not to go.