Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Murphy's Law

We just recently finished paying off our Home Depot card. We purchased attic insulation and radiant barrier for the house a year ago. It has made all the difference in the world on the electric bill and keeping the house cool, so it was a very good investment. Next month we will have one of the Visa cards paid off, as well as the mattresses we bought a couple of years back (at 0% interest). Getting so many bills down to a zero balance is a wonderful feeling. It also means that something else is about to happen. Enter the leaking water.

A mysterious leak of water sprung out from under our shower in the master bath, which means that we had to call someone to come out and tell us that basically the best thing for us to do is rip out the whole thing and start fresh. It appears that the water has been leaking for some time under there, so who knows if there are going to be any boards or anything that need to be replaced in the walls. Expensive, but necessary. Thankfully we just have a shower stall in the master bath, so it's not an entire tub job.

The good thing is that hopefully this job will not cost so much that we have to charge any of it. We have an emergency fund and we also have the start of our BIG emergency fund (3-6 months of living expenses) so basically we're hoping to be able to pull the money from those accounts to cover the cost of this little project. Now the fun begins of finding a contractor to do the work.

This might just keep me from being able to go to a scrapbook retreat in Illinois this summer though, and that's a bummer. We'll see.

Oh, if you've been waiting to see my Van Halen pics, I uploaded them to my Flickr account. Enjoy! (Scroll through the set to the end...Van Halen is there.)


TammyB said...

Oh man - that really sucks (about the shower). Seems like being a homeowner means that something is always in need of repair. Hope you can find someone to fix it at a decent price.

Laurie said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed and pray that it's an inexpensive repair!! Awesome pictures!!!