Friday, May 30, 2008

Graduations and birthdays and parties...oh my.

This weekend is going to be unreasonably busy. Tonight is graduation for the high school Nick used to teach for so he will make an appearance and I will not accompany him. Graduations just aren't my thing...seriously; they're just a beating. Same dance, different song. It's just a big photo op. They could make life easier for everyone if they'd just gather them all up, put on the cap and gown, take photos, and then declare everyone graduated. 30 minutes, maybe an hour...tops.

What's even more annoying that a high school graduation is a kindergarten graduation. Sure, the kids are super cute, and yes, it's a lot more exciting for them because they think it's a huge deal, but come on. I guarantee you a scrapbooking mother initiated the first kindergarten graduation. We get to go to my little brother's on Tuesday night. He's super excited and thinks that means that first grade starts on Wednesday...which I find absolutely adorable. He'll learn the concept of the summer break and then he won't want to go back.

Saturday at noon we are going to his birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. I love that place...but the food is so bad for you. I will have to be good because pizza doesn't even sound appealing right now. I haven't had any in a long time. After we leave there, we are taking Trey with us to spend the night and he will accompany us to 3 graduation parties that afternoon and evening. Good grief!! It will be a busy day.

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Sherri said...

LOL, scrapbook mom created kind. graduations! I so agree.
You are probably the first and only adult I have ever heard say they like Chuckies pizza! so loud and annoying. Job still good?