Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Starbucks, you evil temptress

My new office has a Starbucks machine. As far as coffee goes, this has no affect on my everyday life because I am not a coffee drinker. Some of it smells ok, but mostly I even dislike that. It's a shame too, because I find it all fascinating and I can't even begin to explain why. We have a very broad selection of hot tea to try, but I have never been a fan of hot tea despite trying several flavors. I am a sweet iced tea drinker, and the sweeter the better. However, the Starbucks machine has become my downfall these first couple of weeks at work. It's all because of the little button on the far right labeled "cocoa".

It seems that suddenly I can't start my morning without my cup of cocoa. This morning I went in and pushed the little button, only to be told that the cocoa was empty. NO!! What to do??!! Thankfully my anxieties were put to rest when the receptionist told me she could refill it. Adding to my cocoa addiction? French vanilla flavored Splenda.....and all the goodness that goes along with it. If you've never added vanilla anything to your hot cocoa you should because it makes the smell fantastic, as well as the taste.

I've been drinking my morning cocoa from a white styrofoam cup, but I'm beginning to lust after those funky and decorative morning coffee mugs so many people have. Maybe I'll have to pick up one for myself.

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VexedAngel said...

Starbucks IS evil! I blew my diet this weekend when we went to Chicago, and on the last day, I made sure to have a venti Mocha. Although T got a hot cocoa, and I think I would have rather have had that. Or a hot caramel apple cider. Or a green tea frappucino with blackberry syrup. But I digress.