Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yay for David Cook!!!!!!

I'm so excited that David Cook won American Idol!!! I am totally shocked though...I fully expected that little Archuletta kid to win and make me angry. Thankfully my fears were not realized. I can't comment on the show itself because we didn't actually watch it, although I heard it was quite a good show. We were at The Police concert, which totally rocked. Elvis Costello opened up for them, and while I can't say that I'm a fan there were plenty of people who were. I had never heard any of his stuff, nor could you understand a word he said...but I suppose he did fine. I've been told he's one of those artists you either love or hate...I'm on the fence. I took photos and they'll be uploaded to my Flickr account at some point this weekend.

We're not doing anything special for Memorial was just going to be one of those hang out and relax weekends until I realized that this is the weekend that Nick's Dad is flying in from Montana, and today his half-sister from Colorado sent him a text message letting him know she's flying in this weekend as well...and his mother has a family friend who came down from Tennessee this weekend too, so all of the sudden we have a ton of people to see and hang out with.

The demolition on the shower began today. Of course a few things that they weren't planning on were revealed once the shower was ripped out, so we'll see how long this process actually takes once we get going really well. I am just ready for it to be finished. I'll be taking a photo daily to track the progress which will probably be my Project365 photos for the next few days.

Gas went up again and I noticed this morning at RaceTrac (cheap?? gas) it was $3.74. Geez Louise....that's crazy.

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VexedAngel said...

Yeah, gas is nuts. It was well over $4 in Chicago. :-P

Did you know I got to see David Cook when he came home to KC? At the Royals game, on our huge HD screen!