Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bring it on baby!

Nick and I joined a bowling league at work! Last night was the first night of competition, and man did we have fun. I'm so thankful that the place we bowled wasn't overly smoke-filled. There were plenty of smokers, don't get me wrong, but they were at the opposite end of the building so the only time I had to contend with them was when I had to go get a ball to use.

I did awesome! I bowled my personal best (151) and beat my husband all 3 games, LOL! We're on opposite teams, so on bowling nights we do a lot of trash-talking. (Well, I do most of it...) My team is pretty good - I can't complain, and we totally killed the team we were up against last night. We were rockin'. I think the league lasts for 6 or 8 weeks; I don't remember exactly, and we'll be bowling on Monday nights. It's so much fun! I think I should invest in my own ball.....

The new job is fantastic. I stay busy all day long (which is why my flitterings about on the internet have been reduced) but it's great because the day just flies by most of the time. I like having real responsibility and stuff to do all day. All of the people are great as well.

This past weekend my little brother said some super funny stuff to us. On the way from Chuck E. Cheese (which I love, Sherri, because of SkeeBall!), he was chattering on about the new Iron Man Playstation game he got for his birthday and as he was getting ready to sum up his little speech he said, "...but sadly, I did not bring it with me." LOL! What child talks like that??

On a separate occasion Sunday afternoon we were playing Guitar Hero, which he is getting quite good at, and I mentioned that he needed to get the game for his house too so he could play it there and get even better. I should stop here for a moment to explain that my stepdad is a musician and used to play bass at a couple of different churches in the area. He's quite talented and also plays piano. So, back to Guitar Hero, Trey agreed with me that he needed to get the game for his house too and then added "But I need to make sure I get 2 guitars with it so Daddy can play too. He used to be pretty good back when he played at church." LOL!! I just cracked up.


{S} said...

what fun!! Geo was on a league years ago, I enjoyed being a spectator. I think he should play again, he always complains that he doesn't do enough "fun" things.
I'm so glad to hear your new job is working out.
Your brother is a crack up. :~)

VexedAngel said...

I love Guitar Hero! I bet I'll be playing more of our video games when our internet disappears next week! eek!

I also love Skeeball.

And I've missed the new job announcement, so will keep reading--for some reason, my feed only showed your starbucks post as the latest one. Maybe it's just glitchy right now.

VexedAngel said...

Okay, I'm just a dork with no memory capacity! I think I had to know about the new job--your starbucks post even says "my new office" lol! Congrats if I didn't already say it and just don't remember! LOL