Thursday, May 15, 2008

Olivah Beasta baby!

My little brother is staying with us for a few days. Tonight was a big night - he lost a tooth so he's now a snaggletooth. He was hesitant to let me pull it. I don't know what the big fear was - it was just barely hanging in there. He bled a little bit which I think freaked him out, but after a few minutes he was fine and declaring himself a snaggletooth. There was some concern that the tooth fairy might not be able to find him since he's not at his house tonight, but I have a good feeling that all will be ok.

Nick and Trey were playing Playstation 2 Army fighting game called "Call of Duty". I'm not quite sure why my 6 year old brother owns an Army fighting game, but I'm not his mother so....well, anyway. They are playing and Trey is talking some serious trash to the men he's shooting in the living room, and suddenly he exclaims "Olivah Beasta baby!". Nick and I both cracked up because we realized that he was trying to say "Hasta la vista, baby." I don't even know where he heard that phrase; I doubt he's been watching Terminator. Who knows. It was still hilarious.

Oh, and guess what?
A-woo-hoo! I will start Monday...which means I typed up my happy little letter of resignation and placed it on my boss's desk today while she was out running errands. Today was my final day...and I'm not looking back! I'm going to be an administrative clerk for a metal fabrication plant. It's actually the same company my husband works for, so it will be an interesting dynamic. He's stays super busy, being the IT guy, so I don't think it's going to be a problem at all. The job is technically a temp position for 12 weeks while a lady is out on maternity leave. That's ok by me - it will either lead to a permanent position once they realize they can't live without me or it will lead to something at another company because of the new job skills on my resume. Either way, it's all good. Did I mention it's more money too? Oh yeah...

So to my old job, and the entire freight forwarding industry, I know proclaim:
"Olivah beasta, baby!"


Laurie said...

I just love to pull the boys loose teeth!! sicko maybe but I love it!! LOL WOO HOO on the job!!! but I thought Nick was a school teacher...I'm confused =o) but that's very easily done these days. Anyhow I'm very excited you got the job!!

TammyB said...

Kids are so funny and say some of the cutest things! Congrats on the new job =)

Jen Hoover said...

LOL that is cute!!!

how many more days til SanFrancisco? it's BREATHTAKING!!!