Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fantasy Football

Our office participates in fantasy sports to continue the time-honored tradition of trash-talking your co-workers. A little ribbing now and then never hurt anyone. Today we have our live draft, so for at least an hour or two we will all be pretending to work while we watch the goings-on in our draft. It should be a fun afternoon. I have never participated in fantasy sports of any kind, but I've been assured that it's not the difficult. Unlike my husband, I haven't really been running numbers and getting other people's opinions on various players. I'm just in it to have fun and win. I know some may argue that in order to win I should make myself more informed about the players and the game, but I think I'm mostly going to rely on dumb luck to pull me through this one. I watch enough football to know who's pretty good and I'm assuming if I've never heard of someone, then I shouldn't draft them first. We'll see how it all goes for me.

We went to the circus last weekend, which was super fun. I hadn't been in years, and really not much has changed from the way I remembered it. some of the singing and musical choices were kind of annoying, and I felt sorry for the people who were throwing down $9.75 for a plastic cup full of lemonade. Good grief people! I heard one lady say she spent $20 on cotton candy alone. I hope she got more than one bag. That's pretty much insane for something that has no other purpose than rotting your teeth.

Our San Francisco trip is coming up quickly!! We're just 25 days away. Last night I ordered our tickets for a bay cruise, the aquarium, and Alcatraz. I want to have as much stuff purchased in advance as possible. I'm hoping this helps us to not spend over the budget we've set for the trip.

Speaking of budgets, we totally paid off my PRK surgery and our Visa bill this month!! I even sent in my first principal-only check to Nissan for the car payment. Next month I start sending in a really large extra check to them and in just a year from now, the car will be paid off (Lord willing!!) and we'll be debt-free other than our house. It's a pretty exciting feeling, let me tell you!

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