Thursday, August 28, 2008

Free Fallin'

Last night we saw Steve Winwood and Tom Petty in concert at the American Airlines Center. It was a totally unplanned concert on our part. A friend of ours decided yesterday morning that he was going to search for tickets and found some for himself and his girlfriend. Then he did some more searching and found some for us as well, if we were interested...$50 for 2 tickets. Considering that the cheap seats online started at $55 each, that was quite a good deal. So we jumped on it. The show was really good, although I was a bit disappointed that Steve Winwood only performed 4 songs that I knew. He sounded great, but it's hard to enjoy a show when you don't know the songs. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I knew the majority of the Tom Petty songs. He's kind of a weird individual, although I might suspect some unusual substances contributing to that. At any rate, the show was awesome.

Tonight we're going to the Vikings/Cowboys pre-season game! I'm sporting my purple Culpepper jersey tonight. I would wear one belonging to a current member of the team, but I don't have one. All three of mine are for former players. The sentiment is the same. I expect to be harrassed and I'm okay with that.

Speaking of football, I've already had to make some trades in my fantasy leagues due to players being dropped or injured. I'm super excited for the first week of play and really getting into this fantasy stuff. Should be lots of fun.

I'm excited for the upcoming 3 day weekend. My brother and his wife are coming up with my niece (yay!). I haven't seen her in ages...since April actually, and with a daily-changing toddler that's practically a lifetime. I wish they lived closer.


Laurie said...

Have fun tonight!! I can't wait to see a new picture of Kylie!!

VexedAngel said...

Have fun over the long weekend! I'm working Monday, but actually looking forward to it--having the office to myself, etc.

So whatever happened with the medical mystery???