Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My niece is the cutest niece in the world.

My niece came to see me on Labor Day. My brother and his wife came too, but let's face it; I was more concerned about seeing my niece. Just kidding.
No I'm not.
We went to the Fort Worth Water Gardens downtown. It's pretty cool and more importantly free. It also presents an excellent photo taking opportunity, so I took a bunch.
She can't help being so cute.
I can't resist those little feet.
Oh man, I'm in trouble. I just want to take a thousand photos of her, all zoomed in right on her cute little face.
And her hands.
And her feet.
Look at those teeth!!
I want to spend all my money on this child. Lord give me strength.


Laurie said...

she's adorable!!! wow and look how big she is!

{S} said...

What a smitten auntie! :~) she's darling and growing so fast! wow! last photos of her she was still a baby, now she is a little girl.

Sherri said...

She's a cutie. We've been to those water gardens. Neat place. She has really grown!

Stamps meet INK! said...

she *IS* beautiful! :)

I also have a foot fettish - they're just so *stinkin* cute!!!