Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Panty hose

I was minding my own business, working out at Curves the other day when I noticed something that disturbed me on many levels. Panty hose. Panty hose have no place being at Curves, but yet there they were. The offensive leg coverings were not being worn under a dress or a skirt...that I might could forgive. They were being worn under spandex work-out shorts.

Why, oh why, do some middle-aged/older women feel the need to wear panty hose with everything? I realize that vericose veins are less than appealing, and I get that some people think that pasty white legs are unattractive...but do you really think you are fooling anyone with your obviously-not-real tanned legs? No, it's not even that. They don't even look tan, because you can tell they are panty hose. There's something about them that just doens't blend in with your skin, doesn't look natural. Since the big secret is out, why not just toss them? Take your scissors, but the offensive leg wear up, and be pasty and proud! There's no shame.

It's been over a year since my PRK surgery - did anyone notice? September 11, an anniversary for my country and my eyes. My vision is great. I still have a little dryness now and then, which my doctor told me I would have. I usually use a rewetting drop first thing in the morning and occasionally through out the day, especially with heavy computer use. It's a small price to pay though to not have to mess with glasses or contacts anymore.

We bought tickets to see The Eagles in November! They just came through Dallas a couple of weeks ago, but because the hurricane caused them to cancel their Houston show they rescheduled it and added another Dallas date as well. We're pretty excited. That's not the next concert on the list though - the next one coming up is Neil Diamond on October 16, followed by a girl's night with New Kids on the Block on the 19th! Wooooo-hooooooooo. I'm a nerd and I don't care.

Oh, I've slowly been adding my scenic San Francisco pictures to my Flickr site. I haven't uploaded any that have me or Nick in them, just the artsy and scenery pics. You can view the album I made special for them here. There are currently 332 photos in the album and I am not finished uploading just yet. It takes a while to get them uploaded and tagged, and then to find everything on a map so I can geotag them too.

This weekend we're hitting the State Fair of Texas. That's right, corny dogs and fried foods...and then extra exercise afterwards.

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