Friday, September 26, 2008

Puffy eyes and stuffy nose

That's what I get for watching ER last night. I'm going to give away some spoilers, so if you Tivo'd the show and haven't watched yet, you might just want to click the "back" button and return later.

I can't believe that Pratt is the one they killed off! Not that we didn't have a love/hate relationship, but ultimately he was a really good guy. I think I started crying when he was bleeding out and the tears were streaming down his petrified face. That was powerful and I lost it all over my couch. Each time I'd get the waterworks slowed, they'd start back up again. Er has always been so awesome at bringing out the extremes in emotion. When they want yout o be sad, it is unbearable. When they try to shock you, it leaves you speechless. (Hello helicopter? I can still see Romano bending down to pick up his clipboard and then standing back know.) Although I don't think I watched but maybe two episodes last season (I was distracted by a model reality show on Bravo, the channel I can no longer receive. Grrrr.), I still love ER. I will miss it. I told Nick we needed to start buying the seasons on DVD, but there are about 25 seasons to purchase, right? Isn't that a pretty close estimate? That's a whole lot of money....

I can't wait for CSI in a couple of weeks...October 9. My Thursday nights are getting back to normal now, with all the Fall shows coming back. My slavery to TV is beginning again. I really need to invest in a DVR.

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Fuzzy White Dogs said...

I love ER. Like you, I didn't watch it nearly as much last season as I used to but I'll still miss it. Did you know they show reruns of it on TNT weekday mornings at 10:00? You could tape those instead of buying them if you want to save some money. (You can always fast-forward through the commercials.)

I read that they're going to have a lot of the characters from the early episodes make guest appearances this season. I'm looking forward to that, & to hearing about what they're doing now. (Yes, I know it's not real life, but still...)

This must be one of the longest-running shows in tv history. Thursday nights just won't be the same without it!