Monday, November 24, 2008

bling bling

I love jewelry. I don't know that many women who do not. It's built in I think, we just can't help but feel something well up inside of us whenever a pretty diamond is around. Maybe you are different; perhaps little sparkly trinkets just don't do it for you. I'm sure your husband is quite thankful, if that is the case.

For me, I love it. Saturday while we were walking around the mall, trying to stimulate the economy, we passed Whitehall Jewelers which is going out of business. We decided to pop in for a little know, just to see how great the deals were. We left with this:
Isn't she pretty??? My sweetie "upgraded" my wedding ring, so I have moved my original 3 stone engagement ring to my right hand and now I'm blinging on both sides! We saved over $1300 on this little gem, and I can't stop staring at her! It's probably good that we saw Twilight before we went shopping. I'm not sure who I would have stared at more - my new ring or Edward Cullen.

Just kidding honey, the ring of course wins!

(Edward Cullen).

I really liked Twilight...I think anyway. Yes, I liked it. Maybe 'really' is too strong a word. It falls in the category of "the book is way better" and I know that's unfair because it's almost always the case. It is what it is. There were some things left out because they underestimate the ability of smitten girls to sit and watch a 6 hour movie when it involves hot vampires. The most disappointing part to me was the emotional detachment you felt with the movie. In the book, you are very emotionally involved in Bella and Edward's relationship. You feel it. It's very intense...but in the movie you are only given about 5 minutes to accept that Bella and Edward are in love and meant to be together for all eternity. I wanted more exploration of that yearning and desire aspect that they have. I think my personal expectations were too overwhelming for me to LOVE it. It is good enough to become part of my DVD collection some day though.


{S} said...

your new ring is gorgeous! I love the timeless antique look of it.
Lucky girl!!

I'd love to read Twilight. Maybe I'll be able to borrow it from someone.

TammyB said...

WOW!! Love your new ring :) It's just beautiful!

Laurie said...

gorgeous!! I bet it sparkles as much as Edward =o)

I agree there was so much more romance in the book...but I very much enjoyed the movie and want to go see it again.

Sherri said...

wow! very pretty ring. good for you. he's sort of spooky looking...
So twilight books are for adults too? All books are better than the movies, so true.