Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I made oreo balls tonight.

We're having a potluck luncheon at work on Friday, so I decided to whip up a batch of oreo balls.

Oreo Balls: 1 package of Oreo cookies, completely crushed into the finest bits you can get them; mix with one block of cream cheese. Roll into balls.
Melt a bowl of chocolate almond bark and roll each ball into the chocolate so that it's completely covered.
Set on wax paper until chocolate hardens and try not to eat the entire batch in one sitting.


{S} said...

OMG! shame on you! I might not be able to resist making those.

I'm applauding you for sending the police after those boys. That situation could have been tragic and because it wasn't it could lead them to try more dangerous antics.

Sherri said...

those look so yummy and I know first hand that they are!! easy to make too!

Laurie said...

YUMMM!!! and so easy to make!!

Cindy said...

Those look so yummy! Have u ever considered sending them to Florida? lol