Saturday, February 14, 2009

I am jelly

Nick had informed me earlier in the week that I would be receiving a surprise today for Valentine's Day. The only thing he would tell me about this event was that I needed to be dressed to go around noon. I was a good girl all week and didn't ask too many questions. Generally when I do he gives away too much information and I figure it out, which frustrates him.

To my surprise my Mom showed up at the house right at noon. She was part of the event....and we were leaving without Nick. Mom didn't even know where we were going. All she had been given was an address. Neither of us had a clue what was in store. We speculated and shared our stories on what we had each been told, but both Nick and my stepdad had been very good at being vague.

When we arrived at the ATI Career Center, I was still confused....right until I saw the door we were supposed to enter: ATI Massage Therapy. We were each getting massages! Way to Nick!! I had never had a massage before, so I was in for a treat. One full hour and complete relaxation. I've been home for an hour and a half and I still feel mushy and tired!


Laurie said...

what a keeper Nick is!!

{S} said...

aww, what a sweet guy! Sounds like you had an ideal day.

Sherri said...

oh, fun!! Too cool. a full massage is great!! I've only had one myself. He did good.

Fuzzy White Dogs said...

Aren't massages great!! That was a great Valentine's gift. Sounds like you have an awfully nice husband! :-)