Friday, February 20, 2009

Met update

I've been a good girl and remembered to take my Metformin every day. I was taking it in the morning with breakfast because you are supposed to take it with food, but a friend (thanks Nicole!) suggested I switch to nights to help curb the side effects. I guess it makes more sense that i won't notice a little stomach ache while I sleep but it would be very uncomfortable at work. I decided to make the switch and now take my meds at dinner/supper/whatever-you-call-your-evening-meal. (What do you call your evening meal?)

Since the change I've also had to increase my dosage from 500 mg to 1000...per prescription orders. In a few days I have to increase to 1500 mg, which is my ultimate dosage goal. I had some more stomach cramping when I upped the dosage, but so far that has been my only side effect and I hope it remains the case.


{S} said...

good idea to take it at night. :~) We call our evening meal dinner. LOL!!
Prayers are continuing.

Laurie said...

dinner is what we call it here :) once you increase your dose will you be doing am and pm? that's what I had to do, but I can say now that I am officially off the metformin!! I'll be keeping you in my prayers!