Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Night before last I felt the baby move. I guess you could say this was officially for the first time, although I've felt a few things here and there that I am pretty sure where the baby but it was kind of difficult to comprehend what those movements really were. This time there was no question. I had just crawled back into bed around 3:15 from my rendez-vous with the bathroom and I was trying to get comfortable (this is becoming more difficult). I was laying still and that's when I felt the flip-flop. Cool!

Nick is pretty anxious to be able to feel the baby too, although it's still a little early for that. He keeps telling me that he can't wait for my belly to get big.

Yeah, me too honey. *sarcasm*


{S} said...

IMO that's the best part of pregnancy. I loved being pregnant and feeling/watching my stomach roll. You'll feel reactions from him/her from different sounds and positions you are in. LOL!! Enjoy!

Sherri said...

I just loved that feeling! awesome