Saturday, May 23, 2009

Nursery progress

This Memorial Day weekend is going to be about progress in my house. I am going to make some major headway on the nursery this weekend, if it kills me. (I was pretty stinking tired last night when I decided to call it a day.)

You've seen the pictures from the traced off mural. (If not, check out this post.) The next step in the process was to prime the areas I am going to be painting. For some of the colors, this probably wasn't necessary, but for others (like yellow!) there was no way it was going to cover the blue on the walls with a reasonable numbers of coats so I had to prime.

Before I could start painting I had to rearrange what was in the room. Since I last shared photos of the nursery, it's contents have quadrupled in size. We purchased a wonderful changing table/dresser and small wardrobe from Nick's uncle, and our gift-with-purchase was a whole room full of toys, blankets, clothes, bouncy chairs, exersaucer, and more. Up until yesterday everything was just kind of piling up in there. I actually had to organize it a bit yesterday so the painting could commence.

Back to last night. I rearranged, and then painted my coat of primer. Once the paint was dry, I began the process of retracing all of my black lines, which is probably something I'll have to do between every coat of paint. I don't want to have to free hand much of this stuff once it comes down to final outlining.I guess I should be thankful I woke up starving this morning at 6:30 so that I can put my paint clothes back on and get to work.

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Laurie said...

SCORE!!! on all your goodies!!