Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Right now two of my co-workers are arguing about paperwork and I'm just happy to not be involved.

Today I went to Wal-mart in hopes of finding a suitable birthday cake to order for a co-worker's 40th birthday tomorrow. I left the bakery department without ordering anything because all of their cakes are a disappointment. I walked over to the party supplies looking for over the hill stuff and also left disappointed because they have none. Zero. I ended up at Albertson's. They rock.

Yesterday Nick and I went to our first child birth class at the hospital. I was nervous that he wouldn't be able to maintain a serious compusure when the instructor said words like vagina and mucus plug, but he did just fine. We practiced a breathing and relaxation technique for use during labor and she showed our coaches how to massage our backs. Nick was very good at that.

Monday I had a doctor's appointment and everything is looking just fine. The little one's heartbeat was at 156 and she ran from the nurse who was trying to find the heartbeat. My doctor actually had the audacity to mention support hose to me and I nearly decked him, but since I need him to deliver my baby I decided against that. What is it with men suggesting support hose to women???

Sunday night I went to dinner with some friends and then a couple of girls and I loitered in the parking lot for a couple of hours talking until our husband's showed up from the movie they had gone to see. We didn't leave until almost midnight, but it was so nice to sit and chit-chat with my girls.

Sunday afternoon we had our fantasy football draft for our church league, and I had to handle drafting not only my team but Nick's as well because he ditched me to go tour the new Cowboys stadium with his grandfather. He gave me a detailed list of his top picks for each position and the order he wanted me to draft players in. I did a pretty good job and didn't try to cheat him out of a decent team. I still plan on beating him.

Saturday we went to my Dad's house to hang out with my brother, sis-in-law, and niece. We had intended to go bowling, but the very sad little bowling alley in Terrell wasn't open until 3 pm and it was we went swimming instead. I got a little sunburned but we had fun. We took some photos of my sis-in-law and me together because she's pregnant too, only she's the skinny-little-pregnant-with-no-fat-except-her-pregnant-belly type so it was more depressing than fun. She looks pregnant, I look like I ate 5 gallons of ice cream. Whatever.


Jenn said...

No you don't! You're beautiful!

Sherri said...

oh, I'm jealous. I would love to tour the new stadium. we stopped by on the way to the Ranger's game and looked inside. I think we are going to try to get tickets to a game

Stamps meet INK! etc. said...

You seriously crack me up! {thank you} ;)