Sunday, February 28, 2010

Keeping warm

There is something about babies that brings out the creative side of people. Everyone loves to make things for babies, and most often the object of their creativity is a blanket.

Kate's great grandmother made her three Dr. Seuss blankets with old t-shirts, my good friend Sherri use some Dr. Seuss pajama pants to make her a quilt, and two ladies at church crocheted blankets for her. I already have two crocheted blankets from my infancy, so that brings her total to four.

The other day Kate received a parcel, and guess what was inside?Isn't it pretty? It's from Kate's grandparents in Montana. I love the handmade tag on the backside. I think it will be really special to Kate, as will all the other blankets she has that were made especially for her.I would like to make one tiny request though....Kate's pretty much stocked up on blankets. She doesn't really need clothes either, but we're always accepting cash or check. : )

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Sherri said...

That one is super cute!