Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hanging with Elisabeth

Today Kate and I had a playdate with my childhood friend Kaycee and her little baby girl Elisabeth. Elisabeth is 4 months younger than Kate, and this was my first time meeting her. She had a bit of a fussy day, but there were some good moments in there too. You just never know with an infant if it's going to be a happy day or not. They are fickle creatures.

For a good portion of our visit Elisabeth napped. That was okay because it gave Kaycee time to play with Kate, although Kate wanted Elisabeth to wake up and play too. She tried to pat her gently, but being 8 months old "gentle" is not a concept that she grasps quite yet.

Elisabeth isn't too keen on tummy time, so Kate tried to explain to her that it's a good thing and she will get strong from tummy time. She also stole her pacifier.

We had a fun day, and hopefully next time we get together Elisabeth will be happy the whole time...and so will Kate.

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