Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Something strange happened yesterday. My daughter just suddenly became mobile.

For the past couple of days she's been working on walking up and down the coffee table, and she has been trying to perfect some sort of adapted crawl/walk thing. She doesn't just crawl. She keeps one foot on the floor and one knee down. The foot is used to propel herself forward. It sort of looks like how someone who had broken their leg might crawl out of a hole. It's cute though.

Yesterday though...there seems to have been some sort of break through and the adapted crawl became suddenly more efficient. Suddenly she was able to move more than just a couple of feet before collapsing. Suddenly she gets there with purpose. It's quite scary for me.

Her walking up and down the coffee table continues. Eventually she's going to figure out that it has three more sides for her to explore, and we're going to have to remove everything from it rather than just push it onto the opposite side.

I'm still in denial.

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