Friday, November 5, 2010

Build a Bear

Build a Bear is a little richer today after we left their store.We decided to build a stuffed animal for Kate in honor of her first birthday. Nick chose a cute grey kitty because we he was a little boy he had a small stuffed cat named "Boo Kitty" that was his best friend. It was only fitting that we build "Boo Kitty 2" for Kate.

Since she's too young to really do the building process, Kylie stepped in and helped build both Kate's and Logan's bears. Oh yes, all three kids had to build one.Kylie chose a pink teddy bear that she put a purple cheer outfit on. I chose cute pink and green stripy pj's for Kate's kitty, and Logan's dog is dress as Batman, which my brother named "The Bark Knight".

Kylie made Kate's heart wish for her and we began to dress the animals after looking at all the cute outfits for a long time. Seriously, I loved those tiny little clothes! I'd love to buy several outfits for the kitty, but I don't think Kate cares either way and I know Nick doesn't want me to spend the money for that.

When I say "we" dressed the animals, I am referring to the mommies and my brother. The kids were too busy running around the store to care.

The Build a Bear people were super fun (I think it's a requirement to work there) and even gave Kate a birthday sticker since today was her special day.

I hope Kate has Boo Kitty 2 for a long, long time.

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