Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The other day I let Kate feed herself with her new toddler fork. I showed her how to stab her noodles and meat so they would stay on the fork, and then take a bite.She understood the concept immediately, although sometimes the execution was flawed. I'm not sure where she learned to hold a fork by the very end, but it didn't make the task any easier.
More than once she would catch her prize, only to have it fall off between the plate and her mouth. She would then resort to just using her hand to eat the food.
Next lesson: chewing our food with our mouths closed.


More like....etc. said...

LOL oh KATE!!! you are an absolute DOLL!!! i love watching you learn and grow! {hugs}

{S} said...

she's so smart & growing so fast!! I love that last pic of her "sea food"