Monday, January 10, 2011

Project 365 - Week 1

This year I've decided to take on another Project 365. I completed my first one in 2008, and then attempted it again in 2009 but failed to complete the year because I had a baby and she took up all my spare time. I skipped out on 2010. Here we are, new year, great time to start again. Project 365 is where you take one photo every day and upload it to share with the world. The idea is to work on your photo creativity and just get out there and shoot stuff. Looking back at my previous year's, it also serves as a really nice yearbook of sorts. It's pretty cool that I can look at a random photo I took one day and remember a lot of what happened that day, or at least at that moment.

Oh, and just to be different, I'm doing 2011 all in black and white. So here are my photos, week 1.
01/01/11:Kate with her current favorite baby, Suzy.01/02/11:I love that my husband still prefers the disappearing art of hand writing a letter instead of typing or emailing.
01/03/11: Some light macro for my Macro Monday. (Pun completely intentional.)
01/04/11: Multi-tasking.
01/05/11: I made blueberry mini-muffins for Kate.
01/06/11: Today is my birthday. Kate got me a birthday card, and she even had Daddy write a note inside for me. But the best part of the card wasn't the sentiment or the was the crushed up cracker inside that really made me smile.
01/07/11: Kate spent the better part of her afternoon standing at the window, watching a couple of neighborhood boys riding their scooters and running around. Someday, baby girl, you will be out there too.


More like....etc. said...

I took a light macro monday too! altho' I have yet to upload to my flickr acc't...

{S} said...

You are so inspiring! Have a great 365! I'm very much looking forward to sharing the journey with you.