Monday, January 10, 2011


Saturday we had a birthday lunch with family to celebrate my 33 years on Earth. That sounded morbid. My 33 years thus far....33 and counting, hopefully counting a lot!
Starting over....Saturday I requested fried chicken, mashed potatoes and homemade rolls to celebrate my birthday. It was cheat day, so I was going to enjoy my lunch if it killed me. I haven't mentioned yet, but January 1 marked the first day of diet 2011, as most January 1sts do. I'm doing it this time with Heather, so maybe since I have buddy we'll make it work together. We are reporting our meals to each other daily, she's hounding me about drinking water, and one day a week we get cheat day. Woohoo.

So Saturday I lived it up. There was some chocolate butter gooey cake,and I was given my own box of Nothing Bundt Cake Bundtinis. You've not lived until you've had a Nothing Bundt Cake. The Bundtinis were yummy, but not quite the same as a full size cake. I got the new Bon Jovi CD and my sweet, wonderful, always pays attention husband bought me a new camera strap for my Canon. It's a Black Rapid R-strap, and I am super excited. You'd probably have to be a camera nerd for it to be super exciting to you, but let me just say that every true photog out there will totally be jealous of my R-strap.


{mandy} said...

all that food sounds so good! i'd say nicholas did a great job too!!! can't wait to see it. :)

More like....etc. said...

totally no idea what is so special about the strap and I'm still jealous! ;) LoL

I was expecting it to at least LOOK fun/pretty ;)

{S} said...

You deserve every morsel of spoiled-ness and yumminess too! I'm uber jealous of the R-strap and have added to my wish list. LOL! :~P Happy 33 years again and again and again!