Friday, February 18, 2011

I couldn't resist.

Every night, after Kate and Daddy fill up the bath tub and she gets naked for her bath, she has to run into the living room so show me that she's naked and about to take a bath. Every single night. It just might be the cutest thing in the world to watch her little naked hiney running back down the hall.

She'll thank me for this post, someday.


Jenn said...

Don't know what it is about tiny naked booties that makes a person giggle, but it does! Yeah, she'll thank you alright!

Angy said...

Brandi, I have a shot of both boys standing at the tub - hinies shining... so cute!

Yes, we do have aldi's here and most German stores have that system for carts. Funny but it works.

Jamie said...

Love it!

Sherri said...

ha ha cute!