Saturday, November 5, 2011

Kate is 2!

It seems so hard to believe, but my little girl is two! Because she loves Dumbo and elephants so much, we decided to have a circus themed Dumbo party.  We were originally planning to go to a small park close by our house, but when I got out there today to start decorating it was so windy that I knew there was no way that it would work so we made a last minute change and held the party at our house instead.  Besides the wind, it was a gorgeous day so I was kind of sad that we had to make the change. For games, we had a ring toss and bean bag throw.  I found the bean bag game on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  I made the ring toss from 2 liter coke bottles that I taped together and then spray painted white and added circus stickers to it.  We used the rings from a little ring toss game found at the store.

 This year we invited some of Kate's friends from church instead of just doing a family party, and I'm so glad we did. Aunt Karyn made her an elephant cake this year. I hope that she always is around to make Kate's birthday cakes, because I think that's a really special thing and someday Kate will remember that fondly.

Kate got a bunch of cool toys (lots of Elmo stuff!) including a 3 wheeler, some new movies, books, an Elmo laptop and a couple of Elmo dolls, her Yia yia and Nana made her a really beautiful Christmas dress and cape, and her Aunt Karyn made her a fleece coat.  In all, I had to mark down 31 items obtained on my YAWYK list, so that gives me a goal of stuff to clean out.

 She was exhausted after everyone left, and so were Mommy and Daddy!
Happy birthday, my sweet baby girl.  We love you very, very much.

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