Wednesday, November 2, 2011

YAWYK September & October Updates

So either no one noticed that I didn't post a September update or I'm the only person who cares about my You Are What You Keep postings.  So if you aren't interested, then just skip this post down to the end.  I won't get my feelings hurt. But since I care and I'm keeping up with it - almost to the end, by the way! - I'm going to update.

I just completely forgot to update September.  I usually start a new sheet for each month but last month October 1 crept up on me so I just drew a line underneath September and started the new month.  That means I forgot to come post my update.

In September we removed 90 items (yay for garage sales at my mother-in-law's house) and we obtained 44.  I think that's a pretty good number.  We obtained just under half what we got rid of.  Through September, we have removed 1400 items and obtained 699 for a net total removed items of 701 items.

In October, we removed 66 items and obtained 44.  Not as great as September, but at least we didn't gain more than we did the previous month.  I fully take blame for a lot of that because Goodwill had a half price midnight madness sale and I hit up four different stores.  I got some good stuff though.  So far in 2011 we have removed a total of 1466 items and gained a total of 743 for a net total removed items of 765.

Here's the big problem with the next two months.  This month is Kate's birthday month.  That means a whole lot of gifts coming in.  However I haven't really purged her toy box in a long time, so perhaps it's time to remove some stuff that she never plays with anymore and donate it or pass it on to other friends.  Maybe if I can keep it at a one to one ratio we will be okay.  But people like to spoil her so that means I'm probably going to be purging a lot!!  Then next month....Christmas.  That's the big one.

My goal when I initially started YAWYK was to get rid of 2011 items in 2011.  We are currently 545 items away, which means that I could really use a visit from the purging fairy OR I really need to sell my house so I can clear out a bunch of junk.

Speaking of...we have another showing tomorrow afternoon.  Here's the thing.  A couple of weeks ago I was speaking to our agent and he said that if we decided at any time we wanted to take the house off the market, give it a couple of months and then relist he'd be happy to do that no worries.  This time of year isn't necessarily great for real estate.  No one wants to be moving right now.  We went ahead and lowered the price a little bit and Nick and I talked about taking it off the market until spring.  We decided that sounded like a good idea since this time of year is always so hectic and stressful enough without adding extra stuff to the mix.  Before I could call our agent to tell him that, we had three showings in a 4 day span.  Nothing seems to have come from them, and I told our agent to go ahead and remove the house from the market and we'd relist March 1.  There are a few things I could do to spruce some things up anyway, paint-wise and such.  He agreed, and today what happens?  I get a call for a showing tomorrow.  So I'm wondering if someone is trying to tell me not to take it off the market or if it's just a weird coincidence.  But I do know that when I got the call today I wasn't overly thrilled because I had created a huge mess in the kitchen baking treats for Kate's birthday party this weekend.  Ah, more stress!  Guess we'll see if this is the one.

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