Monday, February 13, 2012

Getting sporty

Today I spent eight hours painting sports logos on the bedroom walls of an avid young sports fan. I did a Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavericks, and Dallas Cowboys logo about 3 feet tall each, and then also a Rangers jersey that was life size.

 The logos are cool, but my favorite piece was by far the jersey.  I was very proud that I was able to make it look so life-like, as if there's really a jersey hanging on the wall.  I think the homeowner was going to build a frame around it out of moulding so it would really look like a framed jersey.

 You can barely see it, but of course I put my signature "bkk" at the bottom of the jersey.  I wanted it to be subtle.  Not a bad way to earn some extra cash and I'm proud of my work!


Jamie said...

They look great! You are so talented!

{mandy} said...

great job friend!

FrancineB said...

All the paintings are wonderful, but you did a fabulous job on the jersey. Holy cow! If you hadn't said it was a painting, I wouldn't have known.

MoODFoto said...

so good!