Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Care Bears!

We have a bit of an obsession at our house with all things Care Bear.  Kate started watched some old Care Bears movies that Yiayia had kept from Karyn's childhood, and it has grown from there.  Eventually Kate asked me for a Care Bear, and Nick was very clear that she have some original Care Bears so I headed to eBay to purchase what she wanted.  I bought her three: Share Bear, Love-a-lot Bear, and Bedtime Bear.  she calls Share Bear "Purple Care Bear" and she calls Love-a-lot Bear "Share Bear".  So whatever.

Today we made the rounds at a few thrift stores and what do you know...we found a Cheer Bear for sale!  Now, she's not an original bear, she was made in 2007 according to her tag so she looks a little bit different, but to a two-year-old who thinks doesn't do anything without one of her Care Bears these days she didn't care.  Poor Purple Care Bear was dismissed to Mommy's purse so Kate could love on the new Cheer Bear.  I also happened to find a bag of small PVC bear figurines for her to play with, so it was a great day at Thrift Town today.
 Oh, we also found this Disney princess papasan chair that Kate just had to have to watch her shows in...so it really was a great day!

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Lauren Miller said...

OMG! I just love this :) Care Bears rule! My mom and dad picked up the care bears movie that I watched when I was little for us. It's awesome. What a cutie pie she is!