Monday, April 23, 2012

Saturday at Pop's

We hadn't been to Pop and Nanny's house in a while, so this past weekend we all met up there to spend the day playing and eating a big lunch.
The kids spent a lot of time outside, and I didn't complain a bit because the weather was gorgeous!  It was the perfect day for walking, riding bicycles, and playing at the playground.  Kate and Logan don't really understand the concept of peddles yet, so there was a lot of pushing and walking the tricycle.  It made for some achy backs, I know that!
 When Nick got tired of pushing Logan on the tricycle, he decided to switch places and let Logan push him for a while.  It didn't last very long, and then Nick showed off his athletic prowess by riding it himself.  Not to be out-done, Jason also rode the tricycle.
 We even played some tee ball. Kylie didn't need the tee, but she lost interest in the bat pretty quickly.  Logan and Kate got some help from Jason on hitting the ball off the tee.
 Of course we got out the sidewalk chalk at some point.  The kids do love to draw on the driveway.  I'm sure Pop and Nanny enjoy the reminder that the kids were there until the rain washes it away.
Kylie had picked out matching dresses for her and Kate, so they wore them all day. It was very cute, and although it was filthy, Kate insisted on wearing her dress on Sunday afternoon while she played too.  

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