Friday, April 20, 2012

Sweet Dreams?

I've made it a habit anytime Kate wakes up, whether it be from sleep or just a nap, to ask her two questions:
Did you sleep well?
Did you have sweet dreams?

She always says yes to the first one.  Sometimes she ignores the second question, but when she does answer I always ask her what she dreamed about. Typically that's just a one word answer consisting of someone she knows (more often than not it's Yia-yia).  Then I will ask her what she did with that person, and often she says they went to the park to play.  Sometimes she's more specific than others.  A couple of days ago she said that she played outside with Yia-yia and Bill, but Nana didn't play.  Often her dream answers will consist of things we did the day before.

Such was not the case after naptime today.

I asked her if she slept well, and she said "yeah" and then I asked if she had sweet dreams.
Kate: "Yia-yia had no dinosaur!"
Me: "Yia-yia had no dinosaur?"
Kate: "No! You had dinosaur. In you car."
Me: "I had a dinosaur? How many dinosaurs?"
Kate: "Two dinosaur."
Me: "In my car?"
Kate: "Just one at time, Mommy."

So there.

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Karyn said...

She kept asking for dinosaurs for dinner yesterday. I assumed that she wanted those dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets, but we didn't have any. Hmm.