Saturday, September 7, 2013

Tarrant County Heart Walk

This morning I headed down to the Stockyards for the Tarrant County Heart Walk.  I had registered us all and even had t-shirts made for us to all wear together, and then Nick messed up his back so it ended up being just me that went. In hindsight, this was probably the best option because Kate would've had to stay in her stroller today and it was HOT out there. While my weather app said it was only 86* with a heat index of 91*, it felt much worse. Possibly because during the majority of the walk, we had no shade so it was just you, 1000 other people, and the sun.

But I wanted to walk anyway because I won't often get the opportunity to exercise through the Stockyards, you know?  I designed a t-shirt for us, as I mentioned, and it had a picture of my Dad and Kate along with "Walkin' 4 Pop" on it, since he's had more than his fair share of heart attacks and heart issues.
 This was somewhere around the mile 2 marker, which was just up ahead of me on the trail. Not the completely lack of trees or relief from the sun. I was glistening quite nicely at this hot HOT.
 Finally, the finish line! I was so excited to reach the end that I jogged the last 10th of a mile just to get it over with faster so I could get in my air conditioned car.

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