Monday, December 8, 2014

Santa in the City

Back just before Thanksgiving, the day we went to the mall to pick out an angel kid for this year, Kate surprised me and agreed to meet Santa and have her picture made. I was shocked, since she's never been willing to do this before and last year I had to stand in her photo with her while she made the most horrible face imaginable. It only took a little bit of pep talking and a bribe of a new doll to get her to agree!
Seeing as she survived mall Santa, she decided that she was ready to meet Santa downtown where all the big buildings are, as she put it. She wanted to meet "Santa in the city." So on Saturday we went with Yiayia, Bill, and Aunt Karyn to meet Santa in the city.
Kate and Santa are old friends now. It was pretty much no big deal this time around. She walked right up to the sleigh, crawled in and got on his lap. They smiled for some photos and then proceeded to chat with each other for several minutes. She told him she wants a Barbie Dream House and a Frozen Scooter for Christmas. I have it on good authority that Santa has the first item on layaway right now, but as for the second item....well Santa needs to do a little looking around. He has a scooter for her, but, um, it's not we need to figure that out.  (Because, you know, I talked to him too...)

Santa in the City puts Mall Santa to shame, by the way. It;s hard to compete with an actual sleigh and 56' tall Christmas tree, though...oh, and a candyland playground too.
After meeting the man in red we wandered around downtown for a bit before heading over to Mi Cocina for some lunch. They have exceptionally good food. It was my first time dining there but I was impressed. We ended up going out separate ways after lunch, and Kate somehow talked herself into an afternoon with Yiayia so that left me and Nick to have a little date and we actually went to a movie together.

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