Friday, January 23, 2015

Kenny G

Tonight was our monthly date night to the symphony, only this month there was a special guest for the Pops series: Kenny G. I'll admit, I'm a bit of a Kenny G fan. I remember hearing plenty of his songs on the radio growing up, and his Christmas album is one of my favorites. I was pretty excited to be able to see him in concert.
I would tell you it was amazing, but you probably assumed as much seeing as he's like, the best soprano saxophone player ever. He played several of his hits and also a new song from his album that comes out this next week. He even played My Heart Will Go On and his encore was Somewhere Over the Rainbow. We bought a CD during intermission because he was giving away one of the soprano saxophones that he designed. He has a whole line of saxophones you can purchase, which I never knew (probably because I don't play saxophone, right?) You had to buy a CD to get a raffle ticket (I see what you did there Kenny) which was way more than the same CD would have been at Walmart, however after the show he came out into the lobby and autographed them for us all. I had him sign the disc, the cover, and Nick's concert ticket as well. 
He was pretty friendly, although a bit of a diva and didn't allow any photography. Or perhaps it's because he's kind of not so attractive up close and personal? Anyway, naturally I had to sneak a photo, although it's not good. See the curly hair? That's Kenny G.

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