Monday, January 19, 2015

Pop's Birthday

Saturday was Pop's 62nd birthday. We headed out to the house to hang out with him all day. Since he wasn't feeling well, there really wasn't any kind of party or activity that we did, but that wasn't really why we went anyway so it was no big deal. Kate was a little sad that Kylie and Logan weren't going to be there (she has decided that every time we go to Pop's house, it means she gets to see them too) but she was still happy to see Pop and Nannie.
Dad has non-Hodgkin lymphoma, type B. We finally have a diagnosis, a label a little more descriptive than "cancer" and a plan as well. It's very treatable, and I have been thankful for all the posts and stories from people about family members they have that are in remission or have been though this same type of cancer and come out on the other side. It eases a lot of anxiety and fears to know that although the road of chemotherapy will not be easy, it is a road that he can travel and make it through.

He gets tired easier, has night sweats, and probably just feels bad a lot of the time. That's ok. We can deal with that. This is the time to rest and let his body fight anyway, so there's no need in pushing the limits just to make us feel better. Kate had fun hanging out and playing around the house. She picked out some Dallas Cowboy themed cupcakes for Pop's birthday cake and a card as well. Mostly we were just happy to spend some time with him, and that's the important stuff anyway.

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